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Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyōbi volume 1 cover. Kimihito Irie, with illustrations by Shino. Marine Entertainment on December 29, 2010. Yūji Kumazawa, aired between July and September 2013. The story is set in a fictional world, where, fifteen years earlier, human beings lost the ability to have children and to truly die. Those who have died continue to exist, regardless of injury and decay.

According to legend, God abandoned his creations, but left them one final gift in the form of “gravekeepers,” strange individuals with the ability to give rest to the living dead. Twelve-year-old Ai is one such gravekeeper. Her life changes forever when an immortal gunslinger named Hampnie Hambart massacres the residents of her small village. With no place to go, Ai is forced to rely on Hampnie, and she comes to learn the truth about him and her village. Afterwards, she sets out on a journey, performing her duties as a gravekeeper and striving to learn more about why the world has fallen into such a state, and she declares her desire to save the world God has abandoned. While on her journey, she encounters new people: Hampnie’s childhood friend Julie, the gravekeeper Scar, a mysterious boy named Alice, and a ghostly witch named Dee.

Ai is the main character and a twelve-year-old gravekeeper, taking on the job after her mother died. She is quite naïve, but cares a lot about others. According to her late mother, her father was called Hampnie Hambart, and when she meets a man by that name, he claims he never had a daughter, and after encountering him she learns that all the villagers in her life were actually deceased and that Hampnie is her father. As the child of a gravekeeper and a human, Ai is arguably the last child born in the world, where ordinary children stopped being conceived three years before her birth. This and the fact that she has emotions is what make her different from the other gravekeepers. She desires to save the world God has supposedly abandoned, and leaves her village to set out on a journey. Upon arrival, he proceeds to shoot everyone in the village, sparing only Ai.

Hampnie’s goal in traveling is to find a woman named Hana. He became immortal fifteen years ago when God abandoned the world, and can regenerate after being injured. Although he has a cold personality, he claims to only uses his gun on self-defense or to destroy the bodies of those who already died, as according to him, the dead have no place among the living. His wish was to die happily beside his family, and it is realized when he learns that Ai is his daughter with Hana after being tortured to death by Hiko and his gang. After awakening as an undead, Hampnie is buried by Ai beside Hana’s grave at his request. An emotionless and skilled gravekeeper with no actual name, and she passes by Ai’s village in search of the “dead”.