Bible numerics’ was born in Russia, December 12, 1855. This time in Russia saw many of the ivan panin bible numerics pdf classes leaving...

Bible numerics’ was born in Russia, December 12, 1855. This time in Russia saw many of the ivan panin bible numerics pdf classes leaving their luxurious homes to go to the factories and teach the less fortunate, for which efforts they were tortured, often to the point of insanity or death.

He had a voracious appetite for knowledge, especially in literature and linguistics. Greek and Hebrew, and graduating in 1882 with a Master of Literary Criticism. After his college days he became an outstanding lecturer on the subject of literary criticism His lectures were delivered in colleges and before exclusive literary clubs in many cities of the United States and Canada. Panin became well known as a firm agnostic— so well known that when he discarded his agnosticism, and accepted the Christian faith the newspapers carried headlines telling of his conversion. Word was with the God, and the Word was God. He began to examine the text to see if there was an underlying pattern contributing to this peculiarity. Making parallel lists of verses with and without the article, he discovered that there was an entire system of mathematical relationships underlying the text.

His conclusion was that if these patterns were implemented intentionally by man, the collaboration of all writers of the Bible—stretched over many disparate years—would be required, in addition to the condition that each of them be a mathematician of the highest order. This was followed in 1935 by a “Second Edition, Revised”. Thereafter, until his death in 1942, he devoted over 50 years of his life to painstakingly exploring the numerical structure of the Scriptures, generating over 43,000 hand-penned pages of analysis. A sampling of his discoveries was published, and is still being published today.

Critics of his work doubt the value of some of his findings and attempt to dismiss more evident numerical patterns as random chance. Panin’s claims, that the existence of such statistical anomalies is proof of divine inspiration, are still sharply debated by skeptics of his work, yet to date no thorough statistical analysis has been made either for or against his claims, as the spectrum of data that Panin used for demonstrating the patterns precludes linear analysis. This work, the New Testament in the Original Greek, published in 1934, claims to have reconstructed the lost original version by his techniques. Hort and the contemporary Nestle-Aland, demonstrating that there are the same amount of differences between Panin’s text with each of the other two respectively. Another criticism is that the same kind of numeric patterns can be found in any text, yet the methods used for casual demonstrations of this nature lack the requisite depth to draw conclusions.

Panin was a competent translator and textual critic on his own merits. 1914: The New Testament from the Greek Text as Established by Bible Numerics. New Haven: Bible Numerics Co. New Testament in the Original Greek. Once In Grace, Always In Grace? Charles Culver of Computers for Christ. Pages 93-96 summarize Panin’s work.

Panin’s “The Inspiration of the Scriptures Scientifically Demonstrated” in pdf format. The New Testament in the Original Greek. This page was last edited on 11 December 2017, at 22:31. Offering the unleavened Word of God through free Christian books by David Eells of Unleavened Bread Ministries. If portions are used, the context should be given, along with contact details.

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